Friday, April 12, 2013

Cool Shit 4/12

So east coasters, get ready for the cicada orgies this summer!

Terrance Malick (a film director if you don't know) apparently is pretty divisive when it comes to opinions about his films.

Just in time for summer, your own mead-making kit! From Williams & Sonoma of course, but what else screams "ancient, most likely awful tasting alcoholic swill" than them?

Spotify is awesome if you're music fan, and now it can be awesomer with these tips and tricks.

I'm a huge Ricky Jay fan, so I'm excited about this documentary on him. You may recognize him from his acting turns in David Mamet films, but he's also one of the best magicians around.

An in-depth look and breakdown of sampling in the music industry.

I can only strive to have a cool moniker such as, "The Mountain Man of Southern Utah."

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