Friday, April 5, 2013

Cool Shit 4/5

Only in America. The strange, sordid, sorry tale of Don King and his rise to the top - and his tumble to where he is now.

Talking with Louis C.K. and what it's like to be him right now.

The complicated balance between shark and surfer, and how each affects that balance.

I don't know... paying to be fake kidnapped doesn't sound appealing to me, and I wish we got a little more background in this story, aside from the experience. I want to know if business is good. The price also sounds a little low for it. I just don't think I could ever get around the fact that the whole experience was fake. I might pay someone to try to kidnap me. Make it more of a challenge for both sides.

A look at good trailers to bad movies. Of course, none of those trailers can meet the sheer brilliance of this one!

Coke Floats Trailer - watch more funny videos      

Kickstarter to make this fucker?

And finally RIP to a man who changed the way I watched movies, Roger Ebert. Let's celebrate him by reading this insane interview he did with Lee Marvin.

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