Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cool Shit 4/18

Just when I thought I've been completely been desensitized to the Internet, it somehow reaches back and gets that extra 2-3 mph on its fastball and shocks me once again. In a world filled with false hyperbole, I think this is one of those rare occasions when "worst" is used appropriately.

While I enjoyed this 8 minute "diatribe" by Patton Oswalt on Parks and Recreation, I also believe I could do a similar job. Now, I have no training in improv whatsoever and am probably stupid for thinking that, but I DO know I have a plethora of useless knowledge to call upon should the moment ever arise.

I simply appreciate that someone out there saw a problem like this and came up with an app that could solve it. Soon, cousin fucking will be a thing of the past!

Audition tapes of famous people before they were famous auditioning for the roles that made them famous.

Gleaning all you can from a bomb.

New trailer for a movie called R.I.P.D. Something something zombie cops fighting the dead. Just assume a complete rip off of Men In Black. I predict this movie will fail miserably.

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