Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cool Shit 4/17

If you're looking for some adventure, and really don't mind not coming back, you could sign up to go to Mars.

New trailer for the upcoming Superman movie...

Cool video showing how simple light changes can affect a person's appearance.

While I don't think this will help you understand it better, this graphic will at least let you see which movie uses which specific time travel theory.

Ghostface Killah has a new album coming out. And GQ has a track by track breakdown of it! (If you had told me 15 years ago I would ever write that last sentence I would have run off and become a monk. And yet here we are.)

I always enjoy lists of banned books and the reasons given for their banning, simply because in the span of about 30 seconds, I can walk into a library and find a dozen books with way more questionable subject matter...books I had easy access to as a child. Let's say for example - the bible! Scandalous!

The Violent Femmes was my first concert, back in, oh probably 1989? 1990? And even then the band was fairly old. In the next few years after that I saw them at least 2 more times...maybe 3. The early 90s are a little smoky for me. Anyway, back when I was in college, their debut album was THE college album; the one album you could assume every dorm room had a copy of. I couldn't tell you why really...possibly the salacious lyrical content, or perhaps the rhythmic, simplistic tribal nature struck a chord deep inside. I'm not sure what today's goto college album is, but I'd bet whatever it is, its generation can't sing the songs like Generation X can to The Violent Femmes debut. And now it's 30!

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