Monday, April 15, 2013

Cool Shit 4/15

It takes a certain amount of hubris to believe that just because your ideas worked at one company, they can work at another company. Especially when those two companies don't share much in common. Is anyone else kinda annoyed by this? Just because you might have struck something cool at Apple in their retail sector doesn't mean it's going to work at JC Penney. In fact, it might actually do just the opposite.

Irvine Welsh, the writer who wrote Trainspotting, also wrote a novel called Filth, which I would call the Scottish equivalent to Bad Lieutenant. Anyway, here's a trailer (NSFW)- it remains to be seen if the tapeworm makes an appearance (read the novel):

Here are a lot of words about David Lee Roth, a man who has seen many an adventure in his life. And to his credit, I'm still not sure whether his actions and decisions come from his curiosity or a need for attention.

Dear Slo Mo Guys, despite your best intentions, your video of exploding paint is still interesting and cool to see. However, in the future, please light your set a little better, storyboard it out first so you know what your doing and remember, no one is watching the video for your banter. Thanks!

The new season of Arrested Development is just about 6 weeks away. Here's are interviews with Buster (Tony Hale) and Tobias (David Cross) to keep you moderately satisfied until then.

A great look at the history that was the failure of a movie called Super Mario Brothers.

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