Monday, April 8, 2013

Cool Shit 4/8

An oral history of Jurassic Park.

Louis CK fan? Howard Stern fan? Then this interview is for you!

Every few years or so, someone writes about Bill Watterson (the creator of Calvin and Hobbes) and how he is a recluse. Here's the 2013 version.

The story of how R.E.M. decided to break up. Full disclosure, I don't think I enjoy one R.E.M. song.

Abandoned mansions are cool!

This might be the worst article I've ever seen about Battle of the Network stars. Devoid of the nuances and emotions that made this show brilliant, it barely lays out any facts whatsoever. Please, if you would like to learn more, check out this summary of what Battle of the Network Stars was REALLY about.

Ok, but this photo gallery of the Battle of the Network Stars is pretty cool.

This story about Robert Parish and college basketball is crazy. It's one of those things that's barely spoken about (probably because of the legal ramifications and the idea that sometimes, people choose things over money).

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