Monday, July 1, 2013

Cool Shit 7/1

Finally, a trailer for the Larry David/HBO movie Clear History. Seems as though it has a generic plot, but an unbelievable cast, and the magic of Larry David behind it.

Sure, the article title suggests this is about different ecosystems created within our urban landscapes, but I think it's simply examples about how life will always find a way. Thank Dr. Malcolm!

An interview with the person who has given us all so much pleasure in dive bars around the country: The Erotic Photo Hunt engineer!

Well, if we ever did this, our hockey team would probably be unstoppable.

Want to become a treasure hunter? Crack this one and you'll be on your way.

This is for fans of John Carpenter's The Thing. A look at how John Carpenter had a unique opportunity to take a look at his movie and then almost completely change it when he wasn't satisfied. Very detailed, and slightly hard to follow, it's still a cool example of how directors employ their craft.

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