Monday, July 15, 2013

Cool Shit 7/15

Sometimes, just having a larger force doesn't necessarily guarantee victory.

Excited by the Voynich Manuscript story I posted the other day? Here are 10 more weird texts that people aren't 100% about.

The Art of Killing is a new documentary from Werner Herzog and Errol Morris. It's bizarre in the sense that the subject matter is heavy, yet the execution is almost light hearted. Here's a discussion about just that...

I had never heard the theory about every Pixar movie being somehow connected. And now, after reading it I'm not sure I'm happy I have heard about it.

Movies visualized as "treasure" maps. Regardless of the movie, these look really cool and you can even try to guess which movie they represent.

John Hodgman speaks about the last great movie he saw: Full Metal Jacket.

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