Monday, July 8, 2013

Cool Shit 7/8

Time lapse and fireworks all in one? I'm in heaven!

I don't think James Cameron plagiarizes this much to get all these lawsuits against him, I think it's more of a combination of his success and that his ideas are just that broad to attract connections from people. Maybe if he spent a few more minutes coming up with some fresh ideas, instead of using the same tired old tropes, he wouldn't have this much legal trouble.

Here's you mind blowing teaser of the day for a film called In Saturn's Rings - someone created a movie about Saturn (and to a lesser extent, space in general) using photos taken by satellites - there's no CGI or other special effects in this movie, if you can believe it.

Get a jump on the future with these technologies of the future that we will no doubt be wining about soon.

Sure, they look stupid, but dang it if I said I'd never use some of them. Useful Japanese inventions.

Hijacking an airplane used to be so normal, apparently.

Robot Wars used to be a television show that was exactly what the title said it would be. See how it started with ILM.

This ranking of cheap beers from around the United States is a travesty.

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