Friday, July 19, 2013

Cool Shit 7/19

Hopefully you're reading this on the toilet to give it some extra ooomph.

So Elon Musk really wants to build this Hyperloop. Has anyone checked to see if he carries a cat around with him all the time?

Enjoy some disturbing Would You Rather questions. Though I think suggesting they are the most difficult is a little hyperbolic. Like, I didn't even see "Would You Rather swim a lap in a pool of mayonnaise or eat a cup of hair?"

Sometimes The Onion is just too good for its own good.

What a great discovery. Apparently while Andy Kauffman was alive, early in his career, he carried around a tape recorder and would routinely record himself having conversations with random people. These conversations are set to be released on a comedy album sometime soon. But this article delves a little deeper, trying to get into the psyche of why Kauffman would do this, and other things.

Norwegian bachelor parties are CRAZY!

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