Friday, July 12, 2013

Cool Shit 7/12

With this news, I'm thinking about getting into raisin futures. It has to be a steady market, right?

What makes this guy a kissing expert, other than he says so. I guarantee I'm a better kisser!

It's impossible to definitively declare one novel, the great American novel, but here are 9 opinions from people who probably know a thing or two about literature.

I've never understood the appeal of a wax museum, but a bad wax museum? I can get behind that.

Kinda cool - this website does nothing more than give you the number of people currently in space. Right now, we're a 6. I gonna say if you see that number jumping up quickly in the future, you might want to take action.

A deeper look at the 1987 masterpiece, Mannequin.

Here's the trailer just to spice up your day...

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