Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cool Shit 7/11

If you live near a 7/11 today and don't get a free Slurpee, you're stupid. And that's my PSA of the day. Onto the links...

Hidden stuff in paintings. Seems like Dan Brown may have been onto something!

So a SyFy movie called Sharknado exists. And it will be on tonight. And Tara Reid is in it. As well as Ian Ziering. Recently there was a conference call for reporters about it. (Don't click if you don't want to read about spoilers, though I'm not sure it's possible to spoil anything in a movie called Sharknado. You should pretty much understand what you're getting into with the title, no? Anyway here's a terrible trailer for it as well:

And if you're really interested in how the movie got made, from a Hollywood standpoint, check out this article on Asylum, the production company that makes these movies.

Now these are some nice couches. I would fuck all of them! (Please don't tell me that reference is already too old to make).

Here are 6 graphs that pretty much explain why summer blockbusters suck. And here's an article about how sequels and blockbusters destroy the market for all other films. Basically Hollywood is eating itself in order to turn the biggest profit as quickly as possible, instead of looking for solutions that might help them down the road.

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