Monday, August 19, 2013

Cool Shit 8/19

I'm not a Family Guy fan, so I'm not well versed in some of their more classic bits, such as the chicken fight. That said, this real-life re-creation seems pretty cool.

So, maybe I'm buying into the Hyperloop hype like everyone else by continuing to add links about it, but not because I think the Hyperloop is a great invention or anything. I doubt it's existence would affect me in the least. But I do treasure innovation and thinking that breaks through the conventional mold of what currently exists. And that's what Elon Musk has been doing consistently. So enjoy an animation of the Hyperloop...

I loved Missile Command as a kid and played it relentlessly. Here's a history of the game.

I remember when Voyagers' 1 & 2 launched, and while I didn't completely grasp the enormity of the concept that they would one day leave our solar system, I still thought it was cool that they would simply keep transmitting data back to Earth as long as they could, and that these two probes could do so much in the nether regions of space. While the Voyager missions don't seem to get a lot of credit, to me, they seem to be one of the most important space projects Earth has ever achieved.

Had you ever found yourself freshly employed at Wendy's in the 80s, you most likely would have seen this training video. And then, I don't know...?

Wikipedia is obviously a great place to get some quick, broad knowledge on just about anything. And the minutia that it sometimes displays will lead to some head scratching, yet brilliant lines of copy.

A cool look at Alfred Hitchcock movies, broken down in charts.

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