Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cool Shit 8/27

There a number of authors out there whom people read simply to say they've read them, without necessarily understanding why. Thomas Pynchon is probably at the top of that list. Here's a scattered look at his relatively hermitic life.

You might want to check your attic (or your basement, I don't know where you store things) to see if you have any of these old video games. They could score you lots of money.

Not only do trains still exist, but there are some trips that are actually enjoyable.

I want to believe that the Arrested Development movie will be awesome. I want to believe it. But I'm no longer sure I can.

So you're surfing through your Instagram one night...one lonely, lonely night, and you're like, "hey, I wonder what crazy, innocent pictures #bigbootyhoe would bring up for me to look at and do nothing else." Well sir (or madam, I don't judge), you're fresh out of luck, because Instagram bans tags such as #bigbootyhoe. And I for one, am just a little disappointed. Want to know what else they ban? Take a look.

I do enjoy that the Economist, in this article about how to buy drugs online, does employe the line: "Getting a hold of drugs has never been all that easy."

Obviously, the Economist has never been to an ultimate game. Or a high school.

I'm not even sure how I stumbled across this, but if you're looking for a soundtrack for your day, you could do worse than this album of music made to sound like music from an unproduced Mexican Western.

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