Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cool Shit 8/8

There's a new Spike Jonze movie out. In typical fashion, it's a bit bizarre.

And speaking of movies, here's a trailer for The Counselor, which boasts an all-star cast, and quite possibly America's best living novelist as it's screenwriter...

I think Tara Reid is suggesting she USED to think whales and sharks mated to spawn whalesharks, and not that she currently thinks that's how it happens. Or something. I do enjoy that she starts the whole thing off with "I don't want to sound stupid..."

I could spend hours in a Barnes and Noble, so I can only imagine how much time I would want to spend in bookstores like these.

Yeah, that's right. Escape from L.A. was set in 2013. Let's see just how different/similar it is/was.

An interview with Mike Doughty, formerly of Soul Coughing. His story is a strange, sad, and potentially redemptive one (when it comes to his back catalog at least) as he hated his time in Soul Coughing and refused to play that music. Until now.

Don't know Soul Coughing? Enjoy...

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