Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cool Shit 8/20

While it's hard not to enjoy a list of good facial hair, Esquire does its best to buck the trend. Some good ones on here, but it also relies too much on gimmick facial hair (Hulk Hogan?) and not enough on the awesomeness of the 70s - when facial hair wasn't just an artistic statement, it was a way of life.

Profile on Peter Berg, director of Lone Survivor, coming out this fall.

This article explains how Prometheus was a missed opportunity to be a masterpiece. While I respect that the author has an opinion, I can't say I agree. To be a masterpiece, a movie needs to have a clear vision and follow through, neither of which Prometheus had. In fact, I would argue by even being indirectly linked to the Alien franchise, Prometheus damaged the masterpiece status of some of those films. And I don't want to hear about how "executives" came in and muddied the water. Because even Alien 3, David Fincher's attempt, which was not good, still had an idea behind it that was executed. Prometheus made no sense in certain instances, and was edited horribly and had no character with any redeeming value. I could write 12,000 more words about it, but I'll stop here.

Dolly Parton, outside the country music world (and bosom fanatics world), probably doesn't get the respect she deserves. Jolene is an awesome song. Not familiar with it?

And now, if you're so inclined, listen to it slowed down, which gives it a weird, yet very cool alternative perspective...

Have a desire to go to Burning Man but just haven't made the trip? This might be your next best solution:

You know the old adage: sharks make movies better.

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gdr said...

Ovation Network has a 'Song by Song' series with Parton (and Cash as well). Jolene has a half hour show dedicated to it. I actually think they show Mily Cyrus more during the Jolene show than Parton.