Monday, August 26, 2013

Cool Shit 8/26

Let's start Monday off on a good note: Check out these crazy images of different places all over Earth - from space.

Special effects wizards choosing their favorite special effects from movies.

Hack your life! These helpful tips will make your life easier in certain situations. Finally! An easy way to get a single Tic Tac!

I love the Hammer. So this Bob Hammelin baseball card is awesome to me. But I can understand how some people might suggest it's the worst of all time. Not for nothing, this is my favorite baseball card of all time...

More treasure hunts! Some of these have been found. Some of them are likely hoaxes. And then there are some that still have never been found! So go get one of these and get crackin'!

Stories from SNL cast members about their auditions and how weird Lorne Michaels is during the whole scenario.

The VMAs were last night. Missed them like me? Here's a quick high/low guide to what happened. I didn't read it either. 

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