Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cool Shit 6/11

New James Bond trailer/teaser whatever they call it for Spectre...

Crystal Pepsi is rumored to be making a comeback and I don't understand the world anymore.

The scientific reason Sriracha sauce tastes so good, in cute, animated video form:

If you're old enough to remember Columbia House, you'll enjoy this interview with some of the people who worked there.

White dots on the dwarf planet Ceres...we keep getting closer to them but still have no idea what they are.

While I love Jurassic Park (the original that kicked of the dinosaur craze), I can admit its's schmaltzy in parts (the kids act too adorable/cartoonish too often), and it carries the Spielberg sheen throughout. But there is no way I believe Cameron would have made it better. So I can only imagine this article was written to create a fictitious uproar on the internet.

Vegetables. They're good for you so you should eat them. Here are some ways to possibly make them enjoyable.

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