Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cool Shit 6/4

Everyone and their mother has a podcast these days - so why not at least get the right equipment and make yours stand out form a quality standpoint?

For deep-analysis-on-film fans, this video takes a look at Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, and tries to ferret out the meaning and symbolism within it.

So the reason that Susan was killed off was because... she was a pain to work with? I can imagine this being the case with the cast of Seinfeld, but I'm not sure we, the audience needed to hear about it.

A real life Tony Stark... well minus all the Avengers stuff. Maybe. I don't really know.

The first real review for Sense8, and it's as bad as you probably thought. Which stinks, because the article also delves into the idea that television is ripe for reinventing, and in a way Sense8 pushes the boundaries. I'd love to have loved it and supported an original idea, but there's too much good television out there that it's hard to waste time on something like this.

Another creative visionary (Neal Stephenson) that probably needs an editor, or at least someone to focus him a little more. Here's a look (much more positive) at his book Seveneves.

Educate yourself on port wine.

Information we can all use: how to choose the fastest checkout line in the store.

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