Friday, June 5, 2015

Cool Shit 6/5

The third season of Hannibal started last night. I really hope you're watching it. It's the best show on network television right now. Operatic, thematic and all together such a different vibe than the rest of television. Yesterday, I lamented about not wasting my time on creative types that take a risk (suggesting I wouldn't be able to watch Sense8), but I ask you all to take some time to visit with Hannibal. It's definitely worth the time. (How it's made it to season 3 is also simply astounding since shows like this usually get cancelled after 4 episodes.

Teaser for Sharknado III. I guess if we keep watching them, they'll keep making them?

This is some cool Jaws 40th Anniversary art.

Take this audio test to see if you can tell which track has the highest audio quality.

Long ago, Werner Herzog made the decision to walk from Munich to Paris to see a dying French cinema legend. Because of course he did. This is the article finally republished.

Gear you probably need to stay alive should you find yourself out in the wild.

Looking for a summer jam that isn't teenie or going to be on your local pop music station? Here you go!

And if you're not going to click on that link, just immediately jam out to this one from it. It's simply the best one:

A great "art exhibit" if you will - take the lovely/gross 80s Garbage Pail kids, and put the "Where are they now" lens on them. Icky and brilliant.

This seems kind of cool. A blood test that will reveal the viruses you've been exposed to throughout your life.

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