Monday, June 8, 2015

Cool Shit 6/8

Oh boy. Trailer for Everest, which is based on the book Into Thin Air. Even with the "Hollywoodzation" it looks harrowing...

Bizarre promotional items from popular movies.

If you're into murder mysteries, this list of movies is for you.

Tracking your fitness with that Fitbit you got for Memorial Day? How many steps should you really be getting?

A person tries some self-experimentations with mixed results.

New trailer for season 2 of True Detective. I think the biggest shift we, as an audience are going to have to deal with is the that the first season seemed so claustrophobic, following the story of two detectives. Already in season 2 the expanse seems wider, and therefore different. Not bad, just different. Of course that won't stop the collective maw of the internet to compare and proclaim season 2 to be inferior (see example of Season 2 of the Wire when it first came out. Had Twitter been around we wouldn't have gotten a season 3):

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