Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cool Shit 6/16

So Game of Thrones is over for this year. What can you watch now? Try these alternatives.

Beck has a new single out and it's certainly more funky than his previous album:

Full trailer for the Ferrell/Wiig Lifetime movie: A Deadly Adoption. Wow.

Speaking with the guys who made HBO's The Jinx: The Robert Durst story.

Oh you people who are dismayed about the recent Game of Thrones ending, despair not! There are clues out there to suggest all is not what it seems. (And honestly, if the end stays the end (trying to remain spoiler free here) then it's just shoddy storytelling with the whole series, creating plot points just to deceive the viewer and not to advance or remain true to the story. And that would be a shame.)

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