Monday, March 11, 2013

Cool Shit 3/11

A lot of people today will probably be talking about how great Saturday Night Live was this week, with guest host Justin Timberlake. While the show had its moments, I don't believe it deserves the hype I've been seeing it get on the Internet. Too many of the jokes relied on nostalgia and not actual humor, (the 5 Timers Club just rolled out cameos, and other than Martin Short, no one seemed like they wanted to be there; the "Veganville" sketch is a rehash of the same sketch Timberlake always does when he's on and is getting old, also Bobby Moynahan was not a great foil) while the original sketches did not seemed to be fleshed out whatsoever.

I understand that anticipation establishes excitement which leads to people maybe wanting to have enjoyed something more than actually enjoying it. I think that's what happened with this SNL episode. I think Timberlake is a very talented host and I enjoyed him on his earlier episodes. I just wish instead of falling back on the characters he's successfully done in the past, he (and the rest of the SNL crew) pushed to find new and interesting sketches/characters.

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SXSW is currently happening. And that means music. Lots and lots of music. Download it all here.

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