Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cool Shit 3/14

While I'm questioning the validity of some of these (after all, we do live in the age of Photoshop) they still are a great assortment of perfectly time photos.

Be careful when you go abroad. Especially so if you're a successful businessman.

Who never had a dream to be a deep well diver?

In my top five of places/times I would head to would be hanging out with Michael Caine in the 60s.

A possible answer to what's been plaguing all of our minds for so long: what is the meaning behind Britney Spears' video Toxic?

What if we didn't need the Papal enclave because the real pope didn't resign? Because the real pope might be living in the midwest of America. Hey, it's a theory. And here's a documentary about that theory...

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