Monday, March 4, 2013

Cool Shit 3/4

Check out these floor plans of famous fictional places. I understand Frasier was a successful radio talk show host and psychologist, but I'm still having a hard time he could afford that space! (And, speaking of Frasier, if you were a fan, who particularly hated the show, this article is for you.)

I've seen the future, and it involves Google making driverless cars.

The 12 o'clock Boys: A film about an urban dirt bike gang in Baltimore. I think. Honestly, my suburban white ass has not context for what is going on here.

Maradona - Argentinia's mercurial soccer star. And of course, every time I mention Maradona on this blog, I have to show the clip of him winning Lo Copa Mundial for Argentina and celebrating by sniffing a bag of cocaine. The clip is one of my favorites...Maradona here isn't just a soccer player; he's a gladiator, and when he senses victory, even before his shot, he goes over and pats one of his opponents on his head, not in a patronizing way, but in a "you really did try your best way."

And of course, there's Maradona's drug guy, the guy in the aqua shirt. The guy who you first look at and immediately say, "Hey, that guy looks like a drug dealer" even before he rushes out with a bag of coke for Maradona to bury his head in.

Looking to fight crime, Batman style? You probably want to crunch some numbers, because that shit be expensive.

Maps can be cool. Really cool.

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