Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cool Shit 3/7

It's one thing to take inspiration from the men you've dated and turn them into pop songs that millions of people enjoy. But going after those who have garnered a lot of respect and are considered 2 of the smartest/funniest writers currently working - women no less - and accusing them of insulting you simply for making a small joke about you, a joke that directly correlates to the foundation upon which your success is built?

Hmm. It seems the backlash may have begun. And seriously when you do something like this... might start preparing yourself for some sort of backlash. Miss Swift is starting to remind me of the person in high school who was sweet and nice and said "hi" to everyone, regardless of their social level or status, but would fly into a rage if she felt slighted in anyway.

And also would never put out.

I can't believe a sitcom with Hitler as the central focus would only last one episode. Take a look at that and 27 other shows that only lasted one episode.

If you haven't seen Capturing the Friedmans, a documentary about a Long Island family torn apart by accusations of pedophilia (it's much more), then don't click on this link yet. Watch it first. Then come back and see what's happening today in regards to the outcome of the movie.

A list of movies you wouldn't think were expensive, but were. Insanely so. Also, until reading this list, I had completely blocked out the memory of ever seeing Stealth, so now I'm depressed.

On the one hand, it shouldn't be too surprising to anyone that processed meats increase your risk for death. On the other, let's just pretend this study never happened and go back to enjoying salami, bacon, hotdogs, etc.

Don't ever tell me again you can't make a movie trailer because you don't have a SFX budget. Check this out:

Here's the original Iron Man 3 trailer:

And then here's a shot for shot remake:

Now, which one would you be more excited for? Yes, obviously the first one, but doesn't the second one look like a ton of fun?

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