Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cool Shit 3/19

The story of a man attempting to achieve the high score on Q*bert, and yet so much more. A great read, especially if you enjoy video games.

Great interview with Patton Oswalt, who seems to have his head on straight about life.

If it keeps adding places like these, we might have to come up with a better name than Google Street View.

There seems to be a need out there for a "toothless" zipper, if these statistics about penis-related injuries is correct. Quick - to Kickstarter!

Looking for new music? Or even better, music that no one has heard of and might blow up so you can honestly say "I knew them before they were big?" Here you go. Here you go too.

Aided by wing suits, two guys go for a jaunt into the city of Rio De Janeiro. I predict this becomes more of a thing, with more wing suit videos popping up at cities all over the world.

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