Monday, June 10, 2013

Cool Shit 6/10

What do you get when you mix the mysteries of Lost with the social dynamics of a Survivor? A really crappy conceptual summer series on NBC called Siberia. I especially enjoyed the shots of the garter snake slithering to nowhere...

Sure, some asylums throughout the country operated simply and efficiently and have no stories of woe. Of course, there's a flip side to that coin...

The war between Iran and the United States hasn't happened on the battlefield, but it pretty much has started in cyberspace.

What Nadal did at the French Open this past two weeks may be his greatest accomplishment; after winning the finals McEnroe (John McEnroe, perhaps the greatest Davis Cup player the US has ever born, as well as one of the all-time greats) asked him how much tennis he played during his seven month, injury-laden lay off. And Nadal basically said none. So that means, coming back from injury, playing in a few tune up matches a few weeks beforehand, Nadal won a grand slam simply because he could, and not because he trained particularly hard. Now that's talent.

When the first "Greatest Event in Television History" came out (a shot for shot remake of the opening credits to Simon and Simon) was teased, I had high hopes. I like both Adam Scott and Jon Hamm (an underrated comedic actor in his own right) and also love Simon and Simon and more importantly, opening credit sequences to 80s television shows. And then I saw it and was underwhelmed. The jokes felt a bit cliched and typical - not something I was expecting from the talent behind the concept. So when a new one was announced, my expectations were low. Once again, the original source material had me excited, but that was about it. Well, here it is, and...well you can decide for yourself:

Honestly? It's too much like the first one! Why not make Poehler be obsessively in love with Scott here? Change the dynamic up? Give us something new to chew on? Use more Horatio Sanz? Get weird? It's Adult Swim - get weird and cater to your fans instead of making it so broad.

Sure the NSA is reading your emails, but I'm not so sure that that's as frightening as your local supermarkets creating a dossier on your habits.

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