Monday, June 24, 2013

Cool Shit 6/24

Terry Gilliam has a new movie out, and it's about everything you'd expect from Terry Gilliam...

A deeper look into that childhood (and adulthood) hobby, wiffleball.

The next time you're speaking to a scientist, and he/she says they have the answers for everything, whip out this article and throw it in their face.

Enjoy Daft Punk's single Get Lucky? Well take a look at these 7 cover versions of it.

Looks like there's a new book coming out delving into the history of National Lampoon.

Great article about how they go about making the food on the series Hannibal. Since it's so special to the plots and character, it really is crazy the depths they go to for authenticity.

Are you a celebrity? Might want to think about putting our your own brand of tequila. That's what all the other hipster celebrities are doing at least.

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