Friday, June 14, 2013

Cool Shit 6/14

Getting ready for the new Superman movie, here's a look back at some actors that studios thought about  for the role.

It's Bonnaroo weekend - and while you may not have had the wherewithal to head to Tennessee to sit out in the sun and mud, there's still a way to experience the music from the comfort of your own home.

Cool documentary coming out soon called Mirage Men about how the United States government created the myth of UFOs to cover up what they were doing...

Great, more dust storms don't just mean the potential dustbowl recurrence from the 30s, it could mean someone takes a swipe at a Grapes of Wrath sequel.

Pictures of abandoned buildings throughout America.

If you like Daft Punk's recent song Get Lucky, you'll enjoy this listen to the song as to how it may have sounded were it released in different decades.

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