Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cool Shit 6/25

Live under a rock and finally crawl out to hear about this Marc Maron podcast? Here's a list of the essential interviews you should start off with.

Though it completely altered her career and set an expectation that was simply too high to meet (though Whip-smart and Whitechocolatespaceegg are underrated) Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville came out at absolutely the perfect time to establish that yes, women are equals when it comes to "fuck you" rock. Read about how it all came together.

The Encyclopedia Brown movie better have a way for me to figure out the mystery. You know, like Clue!

This gives a pretty good breakdown of regional BBQ across America.

Ferran Adria may be the most famous chef in the world, and though his restaurant elBulli is no more, he still has plans for something in the future.

I think this interview with Rick Moranis exists because he wrote an album of Jewish music, which may be comedic? I'm not 100%. But it then proceeds to delve deeper into what Rick Moranis is about now, which is interesting.

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gdr said...

Glad to see Arthur Bryant's get some props. But weak there was no mention of their burnt ends. Delicious to meet you!

And where is the love for Mr. Bill's in Yorkville OH?