Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cool Shit 6/13

Finally! A trailer for the movie Snowpiercer! From what I understand this movie is about class struggle - on a future train that travels around an inhabitable Earth. Yeah, I'm not sure why either. Which is of course why I want to see it.

Forget about how many spiders you eat in a year while you sleep (probably in the hundreds) you're already consuming a bunch of bugs in your food.

Slow the Seinfeld theme song down 1200 percent and it sounds less like a catchy opening credits song and more like a single off a Scott Walker album...

So Steven Spielberg is predicting the collapse of the film industry. Well that's reassuring!

Food scams you've probably been an unwilling victim of.

It seems you don't need to get a license to drive in Mexico, but it wouldn't hurt to get some driving instructions.

Forget the NSA spying on us the real conspiracy is supermarket "sell by" dates!

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