Monday, June 17, 2013

Cool Shit 6/17

Unless you're an astronomer, or an alien, you haven't seen these images for Mercury.

I enjoy Patton Oswalt not just because I think he's a funny comedian, but also because he speaks smartly and has a very grounded real-world view. He doesn't force his opinion on everyone, and can look at a subject from different angles. Take this thoughtful (if long) essay on a variety of things including hecklers, joke stealers and rape jokes.

I'm offended that the title of this article makes a poor joke at Michael Winslow's offense. Yeah, I get it not many people would recognize his name (I don't count myself in that number), but why take the pot shot. Regardless, I aim to get a recording of the performance.

HBO has a new show coming out soon called True Detectives. Based on a true story, it looks like the season will follow one case of a murdered girl and the 17 year investigation.

Do you think HBO watched The Killing and were like, "cool concept, let's do it but be successful with it!"

Ok, so it looks a bit salacious, and as far as documentaries go, that's probably a bad thing, but darn it if I'm not still intrigued by the mystery of JD Salinger.

If you told me in 1989 that Mike D. would have a house like this, I'd say you were wrong. In fact, I bet if you told Mike D. he would have a house like that he would say the same thing.

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