Monday, June 3, 2013

Cool Shit 6/3

With the way we watch television these days (gorging ourselves often of an entire series in one sitting) our thirst for more is becoming increasingly overwhelming. So much so that we're breaking down country borders in our quest to see new and original programming (at least some of us). Here are 24 series from other countries to enjoy.

A sequel for the British Office? Well, not exactly, but David Brent is back!

As the Everest climbing season closes for 2013, here's a look back in pictures of the past 60 years of climbing on the mountain.

If you like hot dogs, you will enjoy this cool video of varieties of them attached to their corresponding locations of origin. Though no Philly one makes it kinda lame...

At the corner of Religion and Politics, and how they blend together - and who gets it done. Too bad.

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