Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cool Shit 8/13

Looking to pull off a high end smash and grab? Then you better get a fixer.

Tubing the alligator-infested rivers of Florida, in a man made inner tube boat. Living the life.

Trying all 23(!) flavors of Pop Tarts. Unfortunately, the limited edition flavors were underrepresented.

I find it difficult to suggest a cover is better than an original, as I weigh the idea of coming up with a song from scratch very heavily. A band doing a cover doesn't have to do that. That said, there are a few covers I believe at least come close to the originals, because they did something different/unique with the song. Here's a list of acoustic covers of electric songs. You pick your favorites.

Smells that are slowly disappearing from the world. Some are probably good, some, it's a shame.

Don't pay for Amazon's Kindle subscription service just yet; go down to your public library and get a library card. It's free and your selection is going to be much greater.

While there is much irony and stupidity with the government trying to handcuff Elon Musk from creating a private, more viable way to get into space, specifically because the government enjoys slashing the NASA budget so often to render them impotent. But I will say this, I do like that there are a few eyes on Musk and his "intentions." People like him left alone lead to huge underwater lairs and world domination plans.

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