Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cool Shit 8/6

So, Elizabeth Moss has been "rumored" for the new Season of True Detective. Aside from the fact that there have been a lot of actors "rumored" that have then never materialized, I'm not going to get excited or disgusted just yet (though I think it's a fine choice; and it's possible I may have reached an age where the casting of people on television shows doesn't wake a slumbering beast of rage inside me). I do enjoy however, when someone does disagree, and then takes it to the Internet, like this person, who attempts to make a rational argument about why Moss would be a poor choice, while still trying to say how great an actress she is. It's dizzying in its stupidity.

If you'd like to see some more details about season two of True Detective, click here.

Of course the whole thing might be kind of moot since the creator of True Detective was accused of plagiarism. Sort of.

New Left Behind trailer!

Surfing in Alaska!

You think your cable bill is high? Check out what the cable companies have to pay!

Here's another example of people just opining stupidly about things they're not sure about. This guy is talking about the Marvel movies, and how the main villain they've been leading up to with this recent set of movies, isn't necessarily that big of a threat, based on movies he really hasn't been in. So basically we have speculation about a possible villain, and this guy doesn't like him. Awesome.

On one hand, it's Pete Dinklage with an awesome mullet and badass gun. On the other he's on the set of a movie that will also star Adam Sandler.

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