Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cool Shit 8/19

A huge, stupid undertaking by Pitchfork, that pretty much has no relevance the moment it's put out (since the list is based purely on opinion), it's still a list, and a list on the internet, so it will obviously garner attention. Hopefully, if nothing else, it turns people on to some new music. Anyway, here's the list of top 200 songs of the decade (2010 - 2014) so far.

Now, speaking of relevance of music, here's a closer, deeper look at the classic Miles Davis album, Kind of Blue.

I was never in a frat in college, nor did I have any interest in being in a frat. Now, I didn't go to a college with a huge Greek presence, so the pressure wasn't there. And I'm not saying frats don't have benefits. All I'm saying is that after reading this account of what it takes to get into a frat...yeah.

Ten places that aren't too much longer for this world.

"Are You There, Moriarty?" sounds awesome! Almost as awesome as Barley Break. Sadly, I assume with the advance of technology even more of our physical games will disappear.

Forget the super volcano in Yellowstone - the glacier exploding volcano in Iceland is much more imminent to erupt.

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