Friday, August 8, 2014

Cool Shit 8/8

Awesome story that dives deep into the making of the Beastie Boy's Paul's Boutique, and something about an unreleased single that could have completely turned the Beastie Boys down a different path. While I want to hear the song, I'm glad it didn't make it's way onto their follow up album.

Saul Bass and Stanley Kubrick collaborating. Cool to see just how detailed Kubrick would get, down to the movie posters of his films.

Even though season 4 was inconsistent at best, I still think it's good news that there will be a season 5 of Arrested Development. Learn from your mistakes!

Space craft cemetery!

While the "controversy" in the middle of this story about breaking the Game Boy Tetris record seems a little too contrived, the punchline at the end kinda makes up for it.

Know the secrets of the casinos before you go in and you might save some money. Of course you won't hit the big jackpot either!

This isn't bragging. I would dominate on Supermarket Sweep.

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