Friday, August 22, 2014

Cool Shit 8/22

Science experiments have a dark side. Especially when the experiments are being done on humans.

It's hard to argue with the monorail episode being the best, but my favorites are Poochie and Scorpio episodes. At least today. Check out the list of these top Simpsons episodes from Rolling Stone and create your own arguments!

And obviously a list of the best line from each Simpson character is going to have complete subjectivity baked into it, but it's definitely enjoyable to read through them.

A Secret dinner that turns out to be so much more. It sounds fun, though this group seemed to not have jarring, uncomfortable people. Though that could make it even more fun I guess.

"Enjoying" the new $1 menu at Taco Bell.

A look at Frank Miller, the day his new movie Sin City 2 comes out in theaters.

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