Monday, August 18, 2014

Cool Shit 8/18

Do you low who Valiant Thor was? The alien working within the Eisenhower administration.

Going behind the scenes of Robert DeNiro movies with Robert DeNiro.

Familiar with Femitheism? It's the philosophy that suggests the male gender should be culled down to about 10% of the population. Depending on what side of the ratio I would fall will determine whether I can get behind this.

Think all your problems are over once you're dead? Nope. Now you have to try not to explode as a corpse.

Some small, cool, hidden things to do in New York. Things you might not even know exist if you're a New Yorker!

Aim your camera toward the heavens. It's easier than you think to get an unbelievable photograph of them.

It's not just American television giving us so many great choices. The British have stepped up their game as well. Here are eleven shows from across the pond that should be on your radar this season.

Deep dive into Neil Young's complete catalog.

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