Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cool Shit 8/14

Probably not a lot of stuff here that big Beatles fans don't already know, but still interesting.

It seems we've finally figured out that soda is not good for us. Unfortunately, it seems we haven't figured out what we have substituted for it, isn't good for us either. We are such a complicated creature.

Fall Movie Guide season is upon us!

Our reliance and demand for antibiotics has pushed us out of the easy cure zone, and more into the "if we go into a hospital for something we're probably going to die" zone

The quality might not always be there, but Atraci is the new music client that will immediately give you access to 60 million songs. For free. And it's legal.

I've never read The Kills, but it sounds insane. So I'm in full support of a television show based on it.

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