Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cool Shit 10/15

The curiosity of the Umbrella man during the JFK assassination, and why he holds such a special place in conspiracies.

If you have an iphone, this list of essential games will probably interest you.

Interested in 25 minutes of deleted scenes from Pulp Fiction, including commentary from Quentin Tarrantino?

These are some great tips for grilled cheese, but then they go and ruin it by just dropping it down on a plate. See, when you do that, the bottom piece of bread will get soggy because condensation will build up between the surface area of it and the plate it is resting on. So, if you're serious about grilled cheese, make sure after cutting it, you take your sandwich and lean it so that no flat surface of the bread is touching the plate. You'll thank me a thousand times when you're bread still has its crunch.

The growth of extreme haunted seems our society needs to continually push boundaries to make us feel something. I wonder where this is all going?

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