Friday, October 17, 2014

Cool Shit 10/17

Places that look cool to climb, but are impossible to do so, for one reason or another.

Toys that you probably don't want your kid playing with...I'm particularly fond of the CSI crime kit with asbestos...because it came from a simpler time when we had no idea about the dangers of asbestos, back in 2007. 

Live in or traveling to the southern hemisphere? Then you'll have a decent chance to see a comet buzz Mars!

Some of these "details" about Nolan's Interstellar seem a little forced to get the total up to 15 (I'm looking at you flask of Earl Grey tea), but others are helping to flesh out what this thing is going to be about. Can't wait to see the alien laser battles!

Oh sure, everyone loves seeing the list of best colleges, but what about a list of the worst colleges?

Dan Harmon is still out there, still creating and still taking risks (reading about the documentary almost feels frightening).

Smuggling Trader Joe's into Canada. And then selling it. For a profit. Canadian piracy at it's finest!

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