Friday, October 3, 2014

Cool Shit 10/3

I love this kind of stuff, and have put all of these remote parks on my bucket list.

I might listen to this every day for the rest of my life. I am honestly dancing around my house right now. I believe I knew of the existence of Ginger Baker playing with Fela Kuti on some weird, peripheral level in my head, but never truly seeked it out to listen until stumbling upon it yesterday. You're stupid if you don't listen to this right now.

The mysteries of the Nahanni Valley in Canada, a rugged, mostly unexplored plot of land.

So, did you know Japan has a Disneyland? Or at least did. Here are the remnants of the park.

Roads you should have on your bucket list to drive through the United States.

Art that is both sharp looking and will help you find out where to go during a zombie invasion.

Indiana Jones 5 is allegedly happening. After reading this I don't think you'll know how to accept that news. So just pop in your DVD of Raiders of the Lost Ark and remember how incredible that movie is.

Apparently not only are there people out there who believe Stevie Wonder isn't blind, it's gained some mildly significant traction with celebrities and journalists taking up the cause.

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Unknown said...

The Fela Kuti stuff is, ok.