Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cool Shit 10/29

If you aren't listening to the podcast Serial, I recommend you do so right now. To help get you started, read this interview.

Living on a deserted island for 60 days. 

The new television season is almost a month old, so I guess it's time to speculate about which shows will be renewed, and which shows will be cancelled.

I love salsa, but was unaware just how many different varieties there were. And I'm not talking about simply changing the peppers in your tomato-based sauce; I'm talking about completely different types of salsa.

Blogging the Halloween terror events in the Los Angeles area.This episode: Alone.

Eating roadkill: a perspective. (One mild complaint - the author is a vegetarian, which doesn't really leave a lot of space to compare the raccoon meat with other meat.)

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