Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cool Shit 10/1

Fincher, fresh off of directing Gone Girl, appears to be directing an entire series for HBO. A conspiracy show from England called Utopia. Sounds intriguing.

If a completely deadly disease showed up in the United States, and I were a government agent, I too would spread propaganda in an attempt to not cause a panic, all the while planning my evacuation. Anyway, here's an article on why we shouldn't worry that Ebola has shown up in the United States.

I guess the other thing I would do is attempt to create a lighter, softer side of the disease, so people don't associate it with complete death the moment they hear its name. Anyway, play this fun little game about unleashing a disease on the world that is completely not Ebola. 

Well, you certainly can't suggest Wu-Tang clan isn't trying to come up with some original ideas to sell their albums. Completely different from the one they're going to release to a museum, the next Wu-Tang album will be available to buy in a speaker.

Seriously, is anyone making sure Elon Musk isn't a super villain?

Sure it's got some Big Lebowski vibes, but it's Thomas Pynchon and Paul Thomas's nothing if not crazy:

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