Monday, October 20, 2014

Cool Shit 10/20

Deadly destinations where you can challenge yourself, or simply watch others.

Sure, for $50 you're not going to get some awesome computer, but there are some cool pieces of technology you CAN get.

We have the Seven Wonders of the world down here. And apparently the moon has seven wonders of its own. Not sure who came up with them though, as I've been told throughout my life that the moon has no habitable climates!

Many of these cool landscapes have been seen before, but it's nice to get a nice reminder of how cool the Earth can be.

Pulp Fiction is 20 this year, so a lot of stories have come out about it recently. This list of 20 "secrets" was actually pretty informative. 

Here's one of those terror, "extreme" haunted houses. I really have no idea why anyone would sign up for something like this, especially after watching some of things that happen...

Cool Look into the dynamics of character development between Hannibal Lechter and Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. There's a lot going on that you're probably not aware of while you're watching.

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