Monday, December 1, 2014

Cool Shit 12/1

Are you ready to laugh? Check out these standup specials that you can watch on Netflix. Then go down to the comments to get recommendations about all the standup specials this list missed and watch those!

While I'm sure these live performances on Youtube are great, somehow they missed these two, possibly the greatest ever, for so many different reasons:

Bill Withers - Use Me Up

I mean, everytime I watch this, I attempt to pick the coolest guy in the band, and end up with a different answer.

And then there's Cat Power singing Willie:

Not only is the song completely broken down from the original, the reason this one is spectacular is because it's so rare you get a good live Cat Power performance.

It's not that I don't believe people aren't entitled to their opinion, it's that when it comes up in weird places and don't really make sense. Also, the story behind the Prestige really takes a left turn into crazyville (if you've seen it you know what I'm talking about) and so it's not like the author doesn't have to answer his own questions.

Brooklyn has a lot of music coming out of its borough - here's a list of bands you might want to check out before they get big and people hate them.

Who says the internet is making us dumber? Not these websites. Take advantage of them to get smarter.

I'd live to give a shout out to this tumblr: Conversations with Death. Not because I know the person behind it, because I believe it to be hilarious.

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