Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cool Shit 12/30

Huge bunch of Cool Shit to get you through your day, starting NOW:

Country-inspired, psychedelic-jazz - a genre I've admittedly never heard of before. And apparently, this is an example of it, courtesy Shooter Jennings.

The classic (I guess it's classic in some corners) debate of which would win in a fight: the technology of Star Wars or the technology of Star Trek, was obviously written by a Trekkie with a bias.

This modern world has passed Burt Reynolds by, and it's a shame he didn't embrace his Boogie Nights role, because it could have given him a resurgence ala John Travolta. Now his resurgence consists of him selling off his possessions, as Loni Anderson coyly inflates prices, most likely in an attempt to get the money she is probably still owed from the Bandit.

Sitting at work, staring at the clock slowly ticking by, wondering how you're going to make it though the day? Enjoy these Reddit AMAs from the past year.

Some of these theories that explain the deficiencies of movies you've heard before; others might be new. I will say that I've always subscribed the the theory about Signs; maybe not so much the fact that it's demons, but more the religious angle. It's really unavoidable if you watch the movie again. I always thought that the little girl was an angel (or some similar holy being) and could "bless" the water, making it a weapon against the creatures. There's also a moment in the movie where they suggest the creatures are being repelled out of Jerusalem, which was another hint. Anyway, I'm a Signs apologist.

National Geographic 2014 photos are up. Always an enjoyable look.

You can learn a lot about economics by studying a buffet. You can also learn a lot if you watch me at a buffet. I consider myself somewhat of an expert.

Get ready for 2015 with this list of anticipated films.

Like the fact that people are thinking about ways to terraform Mars. Love the fact that it's a bunch of students.

When you get right down to it, aren't all paranormal events hoaxes? (Aside - there's a great Uri Geller movie waiting to be made, similar in vein to Confessions of a Dangerous Mind).

I'm not sure what happened after the 35th second, but I have to assume the firework gained sentience and destroyed those 7-8 people that lit it on fire...

Traveling? Get the most out of sleeping in an airport.

Get a new electronic device this holiday season? Here's a quick start to what you can start filling it up with.

Stream these 10 movies from 2014 that you may or may not have heard of, and add some culture to your life.

There's a college thesis waiting to be written about the correlation of our economy based on what we put up our butts in a given year. Here's the butt part - you take care of the economy part.

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