Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cool Shit 12/16

Sure, the idea of antibiotic resistant viruses aren't that big of a deal yet, but when it's killing 10 million people a year, we might start to notice.

Been following Serial? Then you know the timeline of the murder is one thing that's never been accurately figured out. Until now?

More post-Serial fodder: Eight intriguing unsolved murder mysteries.

D'Angelo has a new album out after nearly 15 years of silence. Find out what that's a big deal.
If you like what you read and heard there, then you can deep dive on the past 15 years of D'Angelo, and try to wrap your head around everything.

New Terrence Malick film called Knight of Cups starring Christian Bale. It's certainly Malickian. But it also seems it may involve Antonio Banderas and Brian Dennehy so...

I love the Black List - NOT the NBC/James Spader show, but the list of popular, unproduced screenplays that comes out every year. Here's a breakdown of all the science fiction related scripts on the list this year.

You're obviously not making hot chocolate the way you should be making hot chocolate if you really want to enjoy the essence of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate!

The night Richard Pryor made Saturday Night Live what it is. 

Space missions you probably don't know about, but should, or at least will think are kind of cool.

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